Slide & Splash offers various services to make your visit as pleasant as possible.


The park has lockers for individual use.

Sun hats and sun loungers

You can rent a parasol at the park reception for €5+€5 deposit (refundable on delivery of the parasol and rental receipt), as well as choose your Cabana, the new areas reserved for groups. The sun loungers are rented on site by an employee. You have the option of two sun loungers for €5 (where you can put on your own sun hat or one of ours); or the option of a set of two sun loungers with a straw sun hat and a side table, located in a restricted area next to The Big Wave for €15.


The park is prepared to accommodate people with reduced mobility, in terms of sidewalks and access to services. If you have a wheelchair that can move around in the water, you can use it in the Laguna (swimming pool) or Tropical Paradise (one of the children's areas), where there are access ramps. As for the slides, given their nature and safety rules, there are limitations for people with reduced mobility, requiring a certain level of physical fitness, namely walking independently. There are a number of constraints that lead us to call for consideration of each person's physical and motor condition. See the configuration and rules for each ride here:

First aid and defibrillator

There is a permanent nurse in the infirmary. There is also a defibrillator at the entrance to the park, under the responsibility of staff who are trained to handle it.


The park has several restaurants and cafés (kiosks) at your disposal where you can enjoy a meal in comfort. You'll find menus of hamburgers, sandwiches, hot dogs (gluten-free sausage), roast chicken, breaded chicken, nuggets, fish sticks, pizzas, lasagna and salads. Fruit, ice cream, granizados, crepes and much more to sweeten your visit.


Slide & Splash has a free, unattended parking lot.


The park has a store with convenience items, as well as regional and park souvenirs.


There is an external company that provides photographic services.

Aquafeeling FishSpa & Massages

The Aquafeeling company is present in the park, at the foot of The Big Wave, with Fish Spa tanks and a massage service.